Some flashbacks and unforgetful memories of events overwhelmed with enthusiasm, respect and pure adrenaline. A million dollar feeling.


It was a special joy, fulfilled with enthusiasm, respect an adrenaline. It had been in the air for whole three days, when visiting Maranello, the home town of Scuderia Ferrari and the track, on wich many "beauties" with the black stallion were driven, the Ferrari's track in Fiorano.

Take a look back in year 2001 in photo report and see some of the flashbacks of this unforgettable visit.

Nova Gorica

On initiative of Ferrari entusiasts had been in july 2003 organized the International Ferrari Festival in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It had been all but boring at that international meetin. Right the opposite.

We invite you to take a look at the photo report and feel some beauty that had been present that weekend in Nova Gorica, at the Zemono castle and when visiting the famous cave in Postojna.


It happened in july 2001 and among all the beautiful ferrari cars, you could also see the black Ferrari 412i, which belonged to Austrian nacional tv network ÖRF and it has been signed by more than 230 celebreties from all kind of sports. The car was sold in november 2001 on the auction in Schönbrunn, Austria. The event was named "Licht ins Dunkel" (A light in the dark) on wich one of Boris's works was donated as well.




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