Boris, his friends call him Bora, has been for many years now, a true enthusiast for the beauty and perfection of the "black stallion" and of the autosport as a such.

Basically self-taught artist, who started at first with classic techniques, such as charcoal, oil and achril on canvas. Trough out time, with help of curiosity and imagination and over many experiments, he discovered his favorite technique, which he calls 3D GLASS. Painting, or better said "dropping" on glass enables him to express picture in three - dimensional perception. Mainly this means that different levels of colors (for glass surface) are carefully "dropped" on both sides of the glass.

That way Boris creates a higly realistic painting and by looking at it, it is hard to stay listless. In particular when the picture is enriched by the motiv, where only the most overwhelming ideals are combined. Daring. Pleasure. Beauty.

Autosport enthusiasts have acknowledged Boris's works as something really special and unique. And they have supported his creativity by making some unforgettable moments and events possible. For that he will always be grateful.

Mr. Max Theilor, a man who made possible a special visit to Maranello in Fiorano.

Mr. Heribert Kasper invited Boris to participate at the auction "Licht ins Dunkel" with one of his works. (Heribert Kasper owner of the Autosalona Oberlaa)

Mr. Drago Stanovnik, mayer of Brezovica, when receiving painting of coat of arms of town Brezovica.


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